Shenzhen’s historical connection with water is unmistakable. Chinese refer to the drains in paddy fields as 'zhen' or 'chong'. The name 'Shenzhen' literally means 'deep drains', because this is an area crisscrossed with rivers and where there were once deep drains in paddy fields. Shenzhen was once home to ancient tribes who were seafarers and fishermen. Later, traders established the importance of Shenzhen as the backbone of the areas economy.

Water is a key element of life and historically has been an essential piece of the spa experience. As a gateway between east and west, Shenzhen reflects waters innate qualities of no boundaries and free movement. Now, Quan offers a spa experience based on water therapies to help move you towards relaxation, balance and vitality. Quan. It is your source of rejuvenation.
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